Following our visit and interview with GYS last year at the company’s impressive and expanding facilities in Rugby, we caught up with Neil Burton, Divisional Manager – Welding, to gather his thoughts on how 2023 finished for GYS and highlight what the business has planned going forward.


“First,” he states, “2023 was a record sales year for GYS with an impressive increase of 43%.”


Asking where the foundation for this impressive growth was he explains that the highlight of the year was the launch of two new Industrial MIG/MAG lines, Kronos and Neomig. Both are high performing 3 phase non pulse machines that had been received by users extremely well.


Raising the subject of the general economic outlook and the view ahead for 2024, Nel Burton points out: “We know the market is not always easy for our customers, and one of the key challenges for us is to meet this with a balance of advanced technology matched to a justified price point for the end user.”


Price promise


The latest machines feature ever increasing technology, some Pulse MIG/MAGs now regularly operate by running more than 1 million lines of software code. Of course, the subject of price is rarely far away, and this has to be acknowledged. “In 2024, we will be adding a new low-cost Pulse MIG to address what we see as an important market segment of interest to many users,” he states.


Continuing: “Staying with the subject of price everyone will recall the problems with semi-conductors and general commodity prices increasing during the Covid pandemic, but we can now see that these peak costs are subsiding. Though we still have increasing salaries and other costs of business these can largely be offset by material cost corrections and, therefore there is no need to apply more increases in 2024. In fact, GYS will not be increasing prices in 2024.


“So, while we are cautious about the overall economic outlook, there are many exciting projects ahead. In addition, at GYS we will be continuing to invest in our automation proposition, we have put a lot into working with the major robot makers over the past 2 years and this we hope to expand even further in 2024. I would say keep an eye out for exciting developments.”