Jasic, an international developer, manufacturer and supplier of welding inverters and integrated welding solutions that represent value, reliability, durability and innovation, has an international sales network in almost every part of the world. The company has a global reputation for providing the quality with exceptional service.

The company hosted its EVOLVE product launch event during the show. The EVOLVE series is the culmination of extensive collaborative research and development efforts between Jasic’s teams in China and Europe. This cutting-edge series combines advanced ARM Cortex MCU with SiC IGBTs, delivering unparalleled industrial welding performance.

Another key features of the EVOLVE range is its modular hardware architecture, allowing users to tailor their welding machines with additional processes and functions as needed. Furthermore, the integration with the JTE cloud empowers users to harness the full potential of digitalisation, significantly enhancing welding productivity. The launch of this series marks Jasic’s official entry into the global high-end digital industrial welding machines market.

Another of Jasic’s latest offerings highlighted at the show was the LS20000-series of third-generation laser welders offering an efficient solution to traditional welding methods. Some of the top features of the LS20000 include a lower training threshold, much it easier to master compared to manual MIG and TIG: Delivering exceptional welding results at up to 10x faster rate than manual TIG welding: Minimal spatter, porosity, undercut, or distortion; little need for post-weld cleaning or rework: Small foot print with great mobility and flexibility; extended work perimeter; and, colour touch-screen control panel with intuitive interface and comprehensive job parameter settings.

The LS20000M is a multi-process laser welding solution that can be used for welding, cutting and cleaning offering a full range of capabilities in laser welding. The LS20000M is versatile, supporting welding, cutting and cleaning, it covers most thin sheet metal fabrication needs. Using a high quality laser source with an electro-optical conversion efficiency ten times better than a solid YAG laser, pump source features a life-span of over 100,000 hours.

Also on the stand was the Jasic EVO20, a new generation of arc welding machines that define the new standard of UX in Welding. Its redefined industrial design and human machine interface give welders a next-level interaction experience, especially with its flexible remote-control solutions.

Advance arc control technology allows EVO20 to deliver solid and consistent welding performance from arc start to stop. As part from the high reliability, sustainability is also an integral part of the new standard with full RoHS 2.0 compliance and high energy efficiency enabled by PFC (power factor correction).

The EVO20 series covers four major welding processes; MIG, MMA, TIG and CUT. The EVO20 series are single phased machines that operate efficiently and reliably, providing professional welders around the world a solution they can count on.