Welding World is proud to count a number of Thought-Leaders among its membership, who are innovators in the rapidly-evolving areas of our industry.    This Experts section will showcase products, applications and use-cases in these key Expertise areas.

Sponsorship Opportunity

Does your company consider itself a thought-leader in one of our expert spaces?  If so, apply now to sponsor.

Welding World are currently making an assessment of the general welding market and will shortly bring to you the companies and their products that they consider offer the best products and service in this particular field.

Any Company wishing to be considered for feature here should contact Welding World via our Contact Us page.

Our Expertise Areas

Welding Robotics

Several Welding World members specialise in designing, manufacturing and implementing automated robotic welding solutions.

Fume & Dust Extraction

Several Welding World members specialise in designing, manufacturing and implementing welding fume and dust extraction systems.

Industrial Gases

Several Welding World members produce and distribute industrial shielding, cutting and associated gases.


Our Experts section will soon grow, with articles and information on these cutting-edge industry areas.

Meanwhile, we include here a few answers to pertinent questions, for companies who may be considering sponsorship of an expertise.

Potential Expertise Sponsors - Your Questions Answered

If your company is an industry-innovator and thought-leader in either Robotics, Extraction or Gases, you are welcome to apply to Welding World to sponsor the pertinent section.

How long does a sponsorship period last?

Expertise area sponsorship agreements are available for 2, 3 and 4 year horizons, to be mutually agreed in consultation and to suit individual budgets.    All are pre-payable in-full.

Who is eligible to sponsor an Expertise?

Opportunities for sponsorship of an Expertise are restricted to Welding World members and therefore a membership to the association is required.      All members are eligible to apply, but must demonstrate both a relevant offering of products and/or services related to the Expertise, and example editorial for inclusion.     Decisions on sponsors are at the discretion of the Welding World Board.

How much does sponsorship of an Expertise area cost?

The Welding World advertising team would be pleased to discuss our ratecard and options with companies interested in sponsorship opportunities.    Please contact us today.

Will you be adding further Expertise areas to Welding World?

Welding World have launched their Expert section with an initial 3 Expertise Areas, representing the current industry segments where innovations and technical knowledge is increasing at pace.    If you would like to propose an additional area of Expertise for this section of our website, please contact us with your suggestion and/or sponsorship interest.

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